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In her weekly series for Cambridge Network members, software training expert Karen Roem offers handy tips to help you 'Tame your computer'.

This week she describes how to view multiple worksheets at the same time in Microsoft Excel* ...

If you have several workbooks open, some of them may almost certainly be hidden from view and can be displayed side-by-side by using the Window, Arrange command. This is particularly useful when you do calculations between those workbooks or when you want to use the drag and drop technique to move or copy, say, a worksheet to a different workbook.

During my training sessions this often seems to be a familiar feature, but most people are pleasantly surprised to hear you can also display the contents of multiple worksheets, making it easier to do calculations between those worksheets, Or just making it easier to view your data!

Here's how:

1. Open the workbook you want to view multiple sheets of.

2. Select the Window, New Window command.

3. Switch to the new window, and then click the sheet you want to view.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for each sheet you want to view.

5. Select the Window, Arrange command and click the option you want. (I prefer 'tiled'.)

6. To view sheets of the active workbook only, select the Windows of active workbook check box. (Otherwise you'll display all open files on the screen and I doubt that's what you want.)

To restore a workbook window to full size, simply click the Maximize (the middle) button in the upper right corner of the workbook window.

* Unless stated otherwise, these tips were written for Microsoft Office 2000. Most of what is covered however will also apply to earlier and later versions.

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2 June 2005

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