Cambridge welcomes global 'think-tank' to its ranks


David Howarth, Member of Parliament for Cambridge, will conduct the ceremonial honours at a ribbon-cutting event on 27 September to celebrate the 'debut' of RAND Europe Cambridge, a non-profit policy research organisation.

Afterwards, Sir John Boyd, RAND Europe Trustee and Master of Churchill College, will host a dinner attended by senior members of the University of Cambridge, and public and private sector representatives.

With its origins as a small 'start up' organisation, this event marks the office's growth and subsequent move to new premises at the Westbrook Centre. Since its formation in 2001, the Cambridge office of RAND Europe has roughly quadrupled in size, number of staff and volume of work.

'A world-class research organisation like RAND Europe is a welcome addition to Cambridge,' says Howarth. 'It serves the public interest by conducting research and analysis that helps to inform and deepen public policy debates across the UK.'

'RAND Europe Cambridge has distinguished itself in the UK among policy organisations of this calibre,' adds Sir John. 'Its work contributes significantly to the knowledge base in Cambridge.'

RAND Europe is a non-profit institute that helps to improve policy and decision-making through research and objective analysis. It is linked to the RAND Corporation, based in the US and one of the first 'think-tanks' of its kind. RAND Europe has other offices located in Leiden and Berlin.

Broad areas of research for the Cambridge office include research strategy and planning, science and technology policy, health, defence and security, applications using discrete choice modelling, and issues facing society by emerging information technology. A growing area of work is in research evaluation, where innovative ways have been developed to assess the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of research expenditures in both private and public organisations.


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