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Mark Humphries from PA Consulting Group - the leading international management systems and technology consultancy - will provide key insights into the exploitation of nanotechnology for advanced drug delivery in his paper 'Evaluating emerging technologies' at SMi's Drug Delivery Global Summit at 11.

30am tomorrow (21 September 2005) in London.

Mark, a Consultant in Product and Process Engineering in PA's Global Technology Group, will consider the benefits nanotechnology can bring to advanced drug delivery and issues which need to be addressed before the technology can be successfully deployed.

The paper will consider two time horizons:

  • How the specific attributes of nanotechnology can be utilised in the short to mid-term to increase performance and the commercial life cycle of existing therapies

  • How longer term advances in combined delivery routes, activation technologies, imaging technologies, and instrumentation will provide opportunities for targeted drug delivery.

    The opportunities afforded range from: revenue optimisation, patent extension and differentiation from generic competition in the nearer term, through to developing new functionality and new therapeutic regimens in the longer term. The benefits include increased efficacy and specificity with reduced toxicity. New material preparation technologies, improved process technologies and analytical characterisation and measurement methods will be needed to provide a complete solution.

    The paper will be of particular value to developers and business managers involved in new therapeutic solutions.

    In presenting the paper Mark, a member of PA's management team, will draw from 18 years' experience designing and developing new products and processes and exploiting emerging technologies.

    Drug Delivery Global Summit - Evaluating emerging technologies, 21 + 22 September 2005, Jurys Gt Russell Street Hotel, London

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