R&D editor to visit


Cambridge Network members keen to address US markets could benefit from meeting the Senior Editor of the US R&D Magazine, Joseph Waring, who will be in the UK from 24 to 28 May.

Mr Waring is writing a special report on UK technological capability, which will go to the 100,021 readers of the magazine who are scientists, engineers, researchers, laboratory managers and R&D executives. The report, entitled 21st Century Technology in the UK, has received endorsement from Tony Blair and will be distributed to British Consular offices and embassies world-wide as well as being circulated in the USA.

Anyone interested should contact him direct and indicate what days they may be available.

Contact details are: Joseph Waring, R&D Magazine, 2000 Clearwater Drive, Oak Brook, IL 60523 Tel: 630 320 7162 email: jwaring@cahners.com