Ubisense selects C-MAC to manufacture local positioning system


Ubisense, providers of location-aware products built on their leading sense-driven computing platform has chosen C-MAC MicroTechnology, a Solectron company, to manufacture its leading Local Positioning System (LPS) product.

The manufacture of evaluation prototypes started in mid December 2003 with units being delivered to early adopters and partners in January. Volume production is scheduled to begin in April 2004.

Ubisense, with operations in Cambridge (UK) and Denver (US), is one of the world's first companies to practically apply ultra-wideband technology to provide accurate, real-time in-building location tracking of people and assets. Small location tags, called 'Ubitags', are tracked using a sparsely distributed network of sensors. The system is the first of its kind to enable commercially practical real-time 3D tracking to an accuracy of 6 inches (15cm).

'We are very pleased to be working with C-MAC as they have demonstrated to us that they can produce very reliable and cost-effective hardware for us.' said Warren Ferguson, CEO of Ubisense. 'Ubisense is looking at the global market so it was important for us to choose a manufacturer with a worldwide footprint and the ability to produce hardware to both commercial and military specifications. Flexibility also formed a key part of the selection criteria and we chose a company that will adapt as we grow which means being able to scale from early fast-turnaround prototypes to high volume, mass production.'

'The real added value comes from C-MAC's ability to provide us with a total hardware manufacturing solution, enabling us to concentrate on our customers and not the manufacturing logistics. They have taken a genuine interest in the success of our end product giving us a sense of real partnership.'

Ubisense's unique platform has been developed to be applied to a range of different work environments including healthcare, security, intelligent building infrastructure and workplace productivity. The vision behind Ubisense's evolving platform and products is to create Smart Space which makes people's work faster, easier and more fun. Applications of the technology include automated documentation of unstructured processes, analysis of how an environment is really being utilised, and the seamless integration and configuration of computer support into real-world work flows.

Notes to Editors:

For US information contact Gary Mason, Metzger Associates, T: +1 303 786 7000, E: gary@metzer.com. For European enquiries contact Amanda Politzer, hbl media, T: +44 1223 211 320, E: amanda@hblmedia.com.

About Ubisense:

Ubisense creates location aware sense driven computing products and platforms. Utilizing Ultra-wideband technology our solutions create smart interactive environments that respond automatically to their surroundings by intelligently and accurately tracking people and objects in real-time. We deliver solutions for healthcare, security, retail and workplace markets.

Ubisense has operations in Cambridge, England and Denver, CO in the USA. For more information about Ubisense visit http://www.ubisense.net

About C-MAC MicroTechnology:

C-MAC MicroTechnology, a Solectron (NYSE: SLR) company, produces a wide range of frequency control products and microcircuit solutions. With global design and manufacturing facilities C-MAC MicroTechnology is able to provide integrated EMS for wireless communications, automotive, industrial, aerospace and military industries worldwide. C-MAC MicroTechnology produce the best-in-class frequency control products that includes high performance TCXO, best stability OCXO and Microcircuit packaging technology, covering a wide range of capabilities including hybrid circuits, 3D low-temperature co-fired ceramics, fiber optical modules and system-in-a-package. For more information about C-MAC MicroTechnology, visit http://www.cmac.com/mt/.

Solectron http://www.solectron.com provides a full range of global manufacturing and supply-chain management services to the world's premier high-tech electronics companies. Solectron's offerings include new-product design and introduction services, materials management, high-tech product manufacturing, and product warranty and end-of-life support.

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