Strem Chemicals UK Ltd is expanding


Strem Chemicals UK Ltd, with the support of Strem Inc, will now act as the supplier of Strem Chemicals within the UK and Ireland.

This transition has taken place over the last three months.

Strem Chemicals says: "We made our first delivery January 10th 2011. All products supplied from that date will be invoiced under the new company. New bank details will accompany the invoice.

"Strem Chemicals UK Ltd have taken the opportunity to invest in a new purpose built warehousing facility, employing more staff and are investigating improved delivery methods. In addition we have contracted additional support staff, improved IT facilities and additional customer service staff which we believe will lead to a better service.

"With the new warehouse we will be able to hold more stock and are expanding levels of stock kept here in the UK. For in stock items we aim to deliver within two to three days and next day on request.

"Stock held within Strem Inc is now visible on the Strem Website and we hope for this to be extended to the UK shortly. We are committed to supplying premium quality chemicals in a timely manner to meet customer needs."

About Strem Chemicals
Strem Chemicals Inc., established in 1964, is a privately-held company that manufactures and markets speciality chemicals of high purity. Its clients include academic, industrial and government research and development laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical/ petrochemical industries. Strem also provides custom synthesis (including high pressure synthesis) and cGMP manufacturing services.

Strem products can be viewed via the web site at Catalogues for 2010/12 are still available and can be requested by email to

We have continued to add new products since our Catalogue 23 was printed and released in September 2010.
• Metal Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
• New Mini Buchwald Kits
• Nanosprings
• New Volatile Precursor for CVD/ALD
• New Silane compounds
• New Carbon Nanotube Array

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further copies of our catalogues on 0845 643 7263

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For over twenty-five years, Strem Chemicals UK has been distributing high quality specialty chemicals, from Strem Chemicals, Inc, in the UK and Ireland. Strem products are used for research and development and commercial scale applications, especially in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemicals and petrochemicals industries.

Strem Chemicals UK Ltd