CCL to smooth out wrinkles


Cambridge Consultants has turned its talents to cosmetic patches used to smooth out wrinkles.

The firm is collaborating with Power Paper to streamline production of PowerCosmetics micro-electronic cosmetic patches.

The aim is to turn the technology into an easily available consumer product for the global beauty market.

CCL says the patches boost the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams and potions by 'several orders of magnitude' via micro-currents.

It is a method long used in salons by beauti cians to treat slack skin, cellulite, skin lightening and whitening.

Now all this treatment can happen at home.

Power Paper already has agreements with three of the world's leading cosmetics groups and its first products are expected to reach the shelves in a year 's time.

CCL's job is to find a way to make the patches at a rate of tens of millions a year.