Access to finance no longer the big issue among small firms


The latest findings from the UK's leading survey on the performance of small and medium sized enterprises, conducted by the Centre for Business Research and the Cambridge MIT Institute, shows that availability of finance is no longer considered the main constraint to growth and innovation among smal

l firms - its now lack of skills.

Only 24% of companies surveyed with fewer than 100 employees considered access to finance a factor limiting growth against over 40% of firms in 1991. Indeed of those seeking finance 80% now got all they wanted.

The main factors limiting growth in small companies, are now perceived to be an increase in competition and a shortage of skills. With increased competition and a doubling in the number of small businesses now exporting in the past decade, marketing skills in particular have shot to forefront of concerns.

Over 25% of small and medium sized firms now consider lack of marketing and sales skills as a constraint to growth, a 50% increase in since 1991 These management and marketing skills issues are even more pronounced in innovative and hi-tech companies.


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