Xcelodose (TM) powder filling technology licensed to top global companies


Meridica Limited, the drug delivery technology company set up just over eighteen months ago, has received a major endorsement of one of its products by the pharmaceutical industry.

It announced today that it has licensed its new precision automated powder filling system, Xcelodose (TM), to five out of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies for use in the early stage clinical development of their proprietary drug compounds.

Xcelodose (TM) represents the state-of-the-art in precision dispensing of very small amounts of drug powder alone, and has the ability to weigh into capsules and other small containers, amounts from as low as 100 micrograms up to 100 milligrams and beyond with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

This is of major interest to pharmaceutical development and clinical trials supplies departments because use of the Xcelodose (TM) technology can eliminate the need for drug dilution with excipients, and the associated formulation and stability work required before commencing early clinical studies.

The removal of this potentially lengthy drug dilution step can reduce the drug development time by as much as six months - a significant time and resource saving and increased speed to market.

The automated Xcelodose (TM) technology is unique because until now it has not been possible to dispense such small amounts of drug at speed and with this degree of accuracy.

This has two major implications for pharmaceutical companies; firstly, it means that the number of candidate New Chemical Entities (NCEs) that can be screened for safety and efficacy can be significantly increased, and those not meeting the success criteria can be rejected more quickly. Secondly, this then enables companies to focus their limited resources on the most promising candidates.

Dr Ian J Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Meridica Ltd., commented, 'We are delighted that major pharmaceutical companies worldwide have recognised the potential of the Xcelodose (TM) technology to reduce drug development timescales and increase their drug development throughput.

'These companies are renowned for their ability to deliver breakthrough medicines and for their continued focus on new and innovative technologies. We therefore view their investment in the XcelodoseT technology as a major endorsement of Meridica's ability to provide high-value technology solutions to the pharmaceutical industry'.

Meridica's vision is to become a leading source of creative drug delivery systems and drug products for the pharmaceutical industry, based on the excellence and quality of its products. Meridica's technologies will enable the full exploitation of the 'biotechnological' advances made in the last decade, and build a position as a leading industry provider of cutting-edge solutions to drug delivery systems. Meridica is a PA Group company.

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