Suggestions for those swamped with spam


Peter Hewkin's problems with email spam prompted this response:

I run a subscription email based networking forum for training and HR professionals in the UK.

Each day a digest of discussion items sent in is prepared and sent to all of our subscribers. The discussion digest also carries contributors' email addresses that they they can correspond directly with each other.

This presents a problem in that unscrupulous people can and do harvest email addresses for spamming purposes. Of course, any one of our subscribers doing so is unceremoniously unsubscribed. But the problem persists.

Readers have made various suggestions from setting the junk email option on Outlook to using software such as Mailwasher.

Anyway, there are some good suggestions for anyone particularly swamped with spam, and you may like to visit our archive for further information at Put in the keyword spam. Hope that helps.

Sue Mennell

Editor - UK-HRD