Ubisense wins prestigious Ingenuity Award


The world's first sense-driven computing platform has won the prestigious East of England Spirit of Ingenuity Award.

Ubisense beat eight short-listed contenders to win the 'Spirit of Ingenuity' Award which is designed to honour the companies and enterprises that have experienced that 'Eureka' moment and challenged and accepted business models by introducing disruptive technologies.

The annual competition recognises the most promising new technologies created in one of Europe's leading centres of innovation.

David Marlow, EEDA chief executive commented at the award ceremony: 'With entries from companies involved in lightweight satellites and underwater sports cars, pioneering technology was certainly in abundance for this award. However we felt Ubisense had the best mix of technology that pushed back the frontiers and held immediate and long-term commercial potential.'

Ubisense is the first commercial sense-driven computing platform using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. With offices in Denver and created by engineers at Ubisense's Cambridge, England development centre, the platform tracks people and resources within indoor environments using business card-sized tags, known as Ubitags.

The platform monitors and manages everything inside a building in real-time, in three dimensions, performing at 6-inch accuracy -- a quantum leap forward from traditional location systems.

'From corporate campuses and retail centres to hospitals and military bases, the use of UWB and Ubisense real-time, location-aware and sense-driven platforms will dramatically improve the way people work and manage facilities, equipment and security,' said Warren Ferguson, chief executive officer of Ubisense.

'This new platform in human-centric computing is now ready for deployment. Ubisense products will be demonstrated at several sites over the next few months, including the University of Illinois' new Siebel Centre, which will become the world's most advanced 'sentient building' with its Grand Opening next month.'

'We believe that location-based computer platforms are one of the IT niches with the potential to grow exponentially,' said Jay Cadman, Ubisense vice-president, sales and marketing.

'Spatial solutions and computers that 'sense' and manage the location of people, products, supply chains, equipment and facilities represent thousands of potential new applications.'

About Ubisense:

Ubisense was founded in 2002 by four leading experts in location technology, together with Professor Andy Hopper, the head of the Laboratory for Communication Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

The founders have over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of real time location systems and context-aware applications. They created, installed and ran the world's first 'sentient computing' system at AT&T Research Labs in Cambridge, England, tracking 50 people and dozens of other objects to the nearest 2 inches (5cm) in real time, continuously for 2 years, and developed over 20 real-time context-aware applications. Their pioneering work on this project included the Bat ultrasonic location sensor and the SPIRIT distributed middleware platform.

In early 2003, Ubisense entered into a strategic partnership with Ten Sails, a company which works on business development of early and growth stage technology companies. The founders of Ten Sails previously founded the world-leading GIS company Smallworld, which they sold to General Electric in 2000 for over $200M. The Ten Sails team has extensive experience of building and selling industrial-strength mission-critical software systems globally.

Ubisense is Headquartered in Cambridge, England, with offices in Denver, CO in the USA.


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