PA Consulting Group explains how to inject innovation into rapid packaging development for...


PA Consulting Group explains how to inject innovation into rapid packaging development for 'speed to market' - presentation at Rapid-Pack 2003, 15 September, Frankfurt.

Andy Reynolds from PA Consulting Group, the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy, will reveal the key issues in delivering packaging innovation and achieving the vital 'speed to market' which all fmcg companies seek, in a paper to be given at Schotland's Rapid-Pack 2003 conference at the Sheraton Towers Conference Centre, Frankfurt, Germany on 15 September 2003 (10am).

The focus of his paper will be the practical leadership of innovation teams, in particular the need for a flexible approach in getting the best from a predetermined product team who need to align their own specialist knowledge and priorities with an innovative approach.

'The most difficult thing about innovation is people.' says Andy, who has a long career of leading packaging innovation projects for clients in different sectors of the food and packaging industry. He continues: 'Whilst we can introduce better, faster technologies for prototypting, testing and implementing new packaging concepts, the key to better packaging development lies in management of the most complex component - people.'

The paper will be of particular interest to anyone concerned with the management of innovation/development teams for consumer products.

Andy Reynolds is a Consultant in Product and Process Engineering based at PA's Cambridge Technology Centre in the UK. PA's well equipped Centre carries out a large number of innovation and technical development projects each year for clients in healthcare, fmcg and manufacturing, proposing concepts, designing and prototyping new products, and building novel test and manufacturing equipment.

Schotland's Rapid-Pack 2003, 15/16 September, Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel & Towers Conference Center, Frankfurt, Germany

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