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Dr William Webb from PA Consulting Group, the leading international management systems and technology consultancy, will examine today's W-LAN 'hot spot' activity and the technology's role in a more integrated communications future in his keynote paper at IIR's W-LANs World Congress Conference in Vie

nna on 2 December, 2003 (10.10am).

Average revenues per user (ARPUs) are only around 25% of the levels needed for profitability - a statistic that may go down before it goes up, if the pricing trends in Europe follow those in the Far East, where unlimited monthly use only costs 10% of the average European level. This is likely to lead to problems for existing hotspot providers in the short to medium term.

Dr.Webb's paper will suggest a way through these problems and address the longer term scenario, where W-LAN hotspots make most sense as part of an integrated communications environment - one where a laptop in the office, home or hotspot immediately provides the user with the same personalized services. Such an environment would deliver the ARPUs needed.

Dr Webb will suggest that the emergence of powerful integrators - companies such as AOL or IBM - will eventually enhance service and ensure consolidation. This will lead to a future where hotspots play a key role in overall communication.

The paper will be of particular interest to those involved in the hotspot market, either directly as a provider of hotspot service or infrastructure, or indirectly as a provider of other wireless communications services.

IIR Conferences Ltd - W-LANs World Congress 2003, 1-4 December, Crowne Plaza, Vienna, Austria

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