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Andrew Chadwick from PA Consulting Group - the leading international management, systems and technology consulting firm _ will explain how to maximise the impact of knowledge management technology in Drug Discovery, in a paper to be given at IBC's Drug Discovery Technology conference on 10 March at

16.45 at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London.

Andrew, a consultant in PA's Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice, will explain the different kinds of KM technology and the ways in which they can create business value when applied within R&D.

Even though knowledge management (KM) has been around for three thousand years - in the form of written records - most KM technology implementation projects fail to achieve their objectives. There are two secrets to success:

  • Allow for the human factor - knowledge is information for action by people.

  • Identify and focus on the business improvement goals, not the technical features.

    PA believes Drug Discovery groups need to manage knowledge not just on potential biological targets, chemical compounds, and their interactions, but also on the performance of decision-making processes.

    This approach helps discovery leaders and strategists to maximise the commercial value that can be delivered from the creativity of their scientists. New KM technologies such as Bayesian networks can help drug discovery groups to learn to improve their processes so that they reduce the inevitable uncertainty about project outcomes in the most efficient way.

    The session will be of particular interest to discovery planners, strategists, senior informatics professionals and those concerned with improving the performance of R&D groups.

    Ian Storr and Andrew Ward from PA Consulting Group are running a pre-Conference R&D Project Management Workshop, on Monday 8 March (0930 to 1700) covering: effective portfolio management, project-focussed governance and reporting, effective project team working, and developing and rewarding project managers.

    PA Consulting Group's life sciences expertise spans the range from bench to bedside, including consultancy on business strategy, portfolio and resource planning, technology selection and operational process improvement, supported by advanced analytics, device and process development, and systems analysis and delivery capabilities.

    IBC's Drug Discovery Technology Europe - 8 to 10 March 2004, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London.

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