Advanced technology for carbon footprint reduction in the workplace


Building Sustainability Ltd and Ubisense announce a strategic partnership which will focus on the marketing of real-time location solutions that complement radical and advanced energy reduction schemes in the modern workplace.

Building Sustainability Ltd, a Cordless Group company, a European provider of energy efficient building solutions and Ubisense, the market leading precise real-time location system (RTLS) vendor based on ultra-wideband (UWB), today announced a strategic marketing partnership. The announcement follows the successful customer trial and integration of the Ubisense product with Building Sustainability’s applications for reducing both corporate and individual carbon footprint. The Ubisense RTLS is integrated with building control systems and an energy dashboard to enable the measurement and presentation of building carbon emissions.

“Building Sustainability believes that by partnering with Ubisense we can provide an invisible and “always-on” mechanism to ensure that employees and the customer are able to visualise, control and finally reduce their carbon footprint” stated George Bartley, Managing Director, Building Sustainability Ltd. “The Ubisense RTLS is unique in being able to provide the precision and reliability necessary for these systems to be deployed in the workplace.”

“This venture is exciting,” stated Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense, “our combined ability and track record in delivering leading edge solutions in the workplace market is remarkable. Efficient use of resources is a key requirement for organisations aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and I am sure our combined strengths will enable us both to push back the boundaries in this vital area of energy reduction.”

About Ubisense
Ubisense is the market leading real time location systems (RTLS) vendor based on ultra-wideband radio (UWB) technology delivering a highly scalable and reliable precise real-time location platform that is being deployed in mission critical applications around the world. 

About Building Sustainability Ltd
Building Sustainability Ltd is a new technology company that is working with the office property sector to design and implement systems to track and control carbon emissions. The Company works with clients in two ways: It advises its clients on the most appropriate energy saving emerging technologies to be deployed on the buildings in question. It develops a software suite which will connect to Building Management Systems (BMS). The result is an intelligent building with adaptable lighting, heating and work-settings, able to maximise the utilisation of the available space whilst minimising energy consumption.


Press Contact
George Bartley
Managing Director
Building Sustainability Ltd
+44 (0)7740627461

Richard Green
CEO, Ubisense
+44 1223 535 170


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