Skilful management results in sale of Genapta to major instrumentation company


Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds today announced the successful sale of Genapta Limited to a North American instrumentation company for an undisclosed sum.

In the seven years since foundation Genapta has built a technology portfolio specialising in high performance optical platforms for biochemical screening such as DNA sequencing and genomic testing.
The Genapta systems are capable of screening chemical compounds down to the few molecule regime which takes the optical platform design forward to the next level of performance and cost. This capability is highly sought after by the pharmaceutical industry where accuracy is required sometimes in very challenging circumstances within drug discovery.
Co-founder of Genapta Dr Julian White said: “We are delighted that the hard work of the Genapta team has been recognised. In recent years we have worked with customers and partners to commercialise our patented technology, but on the whole it is a challenging task for a small enterprise to protect, develop, manufacture and support a new application and market. Using the resources of our new parent company, all these issues will now be addressed”.
Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds is part of Cambridge Enterprise Limited which is the commercialisation office of the University of Cambridge. Over the last couple of years as the portfolio of company matures there has been an increase in the number of exits. Mr Bill Matthews, formerly Head of the Seed Funds said: 

“Genapta is a good example of a start-up that got the essentials right. They combined a high level of relevant technical expertise with skilful husbanding of financial and human resources. They avoided the trap of diluting their holdings through raising too much equity capital but instead were frugal personally and developed the product through collaboration with potential customers. Laterly, they were not afraid to strengthen the board with external technical, market and M&A expertise. Genapta is success story for the Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds and for the founders.”  


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