Developing the next generation high precision clock


OptiSynx announces that it has raised £100,000 from Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds to help the company expand the development and worldwide marketing of its next generation, sold-state, stratum 1 clock.

The investment is an endorsement of the company’s management and its OptiCloc™ solid-state stratum 1 clock. The OptiCloc™ is a very high stability time and frequency source that does not rely on any third party time or synchronization providers such as GPS satellites and Its unique design ensures excellent short and long term stability. As the first new fundamental breakthrough in timing for six decades it enables the benefits of modern telecommunications networks to be realised by providing accurate time across the entire network infrastructure.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Slaymaker, Investment Manager for Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds said “We are pleased to complete Optisynx’s seed round; with the money, the company will produce and test a ‘ticking clock’ which will demonstrate the radically new technology employed. Then, it’s off to key potential customers for demonstrations! “

Dominic Mikulin, OptiSynx CEO said “I’m pleased with the confidence shown by our investors and we welcome Cambridge Enterprise to our group. ”

About OptiSynx
OptiSynx are developing the next generation of precision system clock that forms the basis of all wired and wireless communication networks from mobile basestation synchronisation to the fibre network backbones. Accurate timing is also vital in financial transactions, time stamping and positioning.


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