Inotec AMD attains quality standard for medical product


Inotec AMD Limited, developers of chronic wound treatments, has been found compliant with quality standard ISO13485:2003.

This award confirms that Inotec’s management and quality systems meet this critical medical device standard.


The company is expecting to complete two UK trials which are testing the functionality of the product on typical leg ulcers by March 2010.


Inotec AMD is a Cambridge Enterprise portfolio company. 




About Inotec AMD


Inotec AMD Limited was founded to commercialised two inventions that combine to make a novel, low-cost, compact wearable system for delivery of oxygen to the surface of wounds.  This is proven to promote the healing of hard-to-heal wounds, a $$-billion market, but prior to the work of Inotec was too expensive and inconvenient a treatment for significant use.  The Inotec system also has the added advantage of removing the infected exudate.  Inotec is now commencing trials of its system on real patients and is positioned to roll out its first product within a year.  Beyond this, the Inotec invention is a platform for other treatments and can be enhanced by telemedicine facilities.  The founding inventors have a record of success, having already collaborated to build a successful instrumentation company.

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Inotec AMD Ltd
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