Integrated precise RTLS and mobile quality control combination driven by automotive custom...


Two leading suppliers to the automotive industry partner to respond to their customers' requirements and combine their systems to provide real-time location-based mobile quality control.

Birmingham and Cambridge – 17 Oct 2008 ...  Driven by the demands of advanced manufacturing customers such as Aston Martin and Bentley, the combination of the first industry specific quality control system with precise real-time location delivers complete traceability for the automotive manufacturer. In many countries legislation is now demanding comprehensive and detailed records of the production process and the parts used for vehicles. This often includes capturing the precise location of tools and their torque settings for specific builds, an application increasingly being provided by the Ubisense precise real-time location system in combination with leading tool manufacturers such as Atlas Copco.

The partnership has produced a total solution that provides quality control, monitoring and management of vehicle build. Touch’s quality control system (FLAGS) is used to standardise inspection and manage quality. Ubisense ensures correct tooling is used and provides precise track and traceability for vehicles.

Simon Holloway, Practice Leader at Bloor Research comments, “It makes eminent sense to combine these systems to provide an end to end quality control solution to error proof and automate many of the labour intensive and error prone activities in car manufacturing plants.”

About Ubisense

Ubisense precise real-time location solutions drive process improvement, delivering maximum ROI to their industrial customers by providing 15cm 3D accuracy, real-time sub-second response and proven robustness in challenging manufacturing environments across standard networks. Solutions have been deployed for production use in over 250,000 square metres of facilities at customers such as BMW, Aston Martin, Continental, Honda and DHL since mid-2007.

About Touch Systems

Founded in 1989, Touch Systems are software developers who focus on delivering solutions to meet client needs and have supplied many blue chip companies with their world class production and quality control system called FLAGS. Their first clients were Komatsu and over the years they have supplied many other world famous brands such as Land Rover, Ford, GM, Bentley, Toyota, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Harley Davidson and Aston Martin.


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Touch Systems
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