Packaging recycling company Enval completes Series 'A' funding round


Enval Limited, the environmental technology company, is pleased to announce the closing of its series ‘A’ funding round. The funding round was led by the East of England Co-Investment Fund (COIN) which is managed by IQ Capital Partners, and supported by Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds, Cambridge Angels and Cambridge Capital Group.

The Enval process enables recycling of several different types of packaging. Its strength, however, resides in the recycling of packaging materials containing plastic/aluminium laminates often used in drinks cartons, toothpaste tubes and coffee pouches. The end result is ‘clean’ aluminium (more than 95% pure) ready for sale as well as gases and oils that have a number of uses including fuel and chemical feedstock.

The company’s unique proprietary technology is the first to allow complete recycling of laminate waste packaging in an environmentally and financially attractive way, avoiding the need for many thousands of tonnes of landfill. The Company has recently signed contracts with two blue chip companies to run recycling pilot programmes.

”Enval’s technology offers an easy, environmentally friendly and much needed solution for the yet unresolved problem of recycling aluminium-containing packaging. This funding round will enable Enval to accelerate deployment of its ground-breaking technology and enters an exciting phase of growth” said Larissa Brito, from COIN.

Enval’s patented technology uses microwave energy which can also be powered by the oils and gases generated by its recycling process, hence becoming completely self-sustained.

Dr. Nick Slaymaker, from Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds, who has been supporting the company since its inception, said: “The green tech area in which Enval operates is increasingly important and high profile, but in fact research into Enval’s technology started in 1995. The company has a strong management team, enthusiastic shareholders and is revenue-producing. Enval has a commercial pilot-plant machine that is now doing real work. It has established excellent relationships with world-leading companies in its technology space”.

Carlos Ludlow stated, “We recognise the importance and established position of the use of plastic and aluminium laminated materials in packaging but equally believe that the current disposal methods being used for them are unsustainable. It’s clear to us that if the use of these packaging materials is to be continued then solutions are required to minimise their impact on the environment. Using our pilot plant we’ve already demonstrated that the Enval process offers a viable solution to this enormous worldwide problem and with this funding we are now able to accelerate its deployment ”.

Martin Lamb, Chairman of Enval and member of Cambridge Capital Group, commented “Enval’s technology represents a real breakthrough in waste management and enables the continuing use of a well-established and hitherto irreplaceable packaging system for many everyday consumer products. The ongoing support and commitment of our investors, including both Cambridge Capital Group and Cambridge Angels, will allow Enval to continue its exploitation of this exciting opportunity”.

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