AngioDynamics retains Prism as high reliability manufacturing partner


AngioDynamics, formally Diomed, is retaining St Ives-based contract electronics manufacturer Prism Electronics Limited as its lead supplier of electronic circuit boards for its ground-breaking DELTA surgical diode laser. The decision follows the acquisition of Dioned by AngioDynamics.

AngioDynamics is a world leader in the manufacture of medical equipment for the treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease. Its Cambridge-based facility is an industry leader in vein care and its DELTA laser is used by physicians across the world in the treatment of varicose veins.

AngioDynamics needed a manufacturing partner that it could trust to deliver highly reliable electronic boards since the instrument is supplied with a three-year warranty and has an international customer base. If the surgical lasers fail in the field they can adversely affect patient care as well as prove costly for AngioDynamics to service and rectify. Prism was retained as a trusted key supplier because of its proven track record of manufacturing flexibility and reliability.

Prism manufactures products to IPC-A-610, an international standard for consistent manufacture and quality of workmanship. Through this Prism is able to deliver assemblies to high standards to help its clients manage quality, reliability and risk more effectively.

There are three classes of product within IPC-A-610. Class 3 is the most stringent and intended for products that are used in demanding or critical conditions such as hospital equipment. The tolerances on the manufacture of this type of equipment are strict to minimise the risk of the equipment failing in use.

Prism’s expertise was invaluable during the early stages of designing the DELTA laser. The technical development team at Prism worked closely with Diomed’s engineers to help optimise the product for manufacture. This close working relationship is set to continue with Angiodynamics.

“It was essential that we found a manufacturing partner that was able consistently to deliver electronic boards that would be reliable,” said Sue Tolliday, operations director at AngioDynamics.

“It was also important that we found a supplier that had the capability to procure components as well as manufacture and test electronic boards for the DELTA laser.

“As well as meeting these fundamental needs, Prism has subsequently also proved to be flexible, communicative and responsive.

“Following our take over by AngioDynamics it made perfect sense to retain Prism as our sole supplier of PCBs for our medical lasers as it already has the knowledge and expertise to provide us with a first-class service.”

Each DELTA laser contains six boards. These are manufactured in sets by Prism and delivered in line with AngioDynamics’ order schedule. Prism is also working to help AngioDynamics support an older generation of equipment by identifying and sourcing alternatives to obsolete electronic components.

Photo caption: Prism’s input in the early stages of designing the DELTA laser and close working with Angiodynamics’ technical development team helped to optimise the product for manufacture.

Cambridgeshire-based Prism Electronics is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider which develops and manufactures a wide range of electronics assemblies for original equipment manufacturers.
The company has particular expertise in handling complexity resulting either from the technologies employed or from demanding requirements for batch production, delivery scheduling, components sourcing or test and certification. Typical applications include specialist medical and military equipment, scientific instruments and industrial control systems.

Manufacturing is undertaken both at Prism’s own UK plant and in a 64,000 square foot production facility operated by a partner in South Africa

AngioDynamics entered into asset purchase agreements with Diomed Holdings, Inc., Diomed, Inc., and Diomed Limited for the acquisition of certain assets of Diomed’s business in the United States and United Kingdom on 10 April, 2008.

AngioDynamics is a leading provider of medical devices used by interventional radiologists, surgeons, and other physicians for the minimally invasive treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease. Its product line includes market-leading radiofrequency ablation systems, vascular access products, angiographic products and accessories, dialysis products, angioplasty products, drainage products, thrombolytic products, embolization products and venous products. More information is available at


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