Cordic’s mobile data despatch system selected by South Yorkshire Police


Cordic announced that its market leading mobile data despatch system with GPS has been successfully deployed by South Yorkshire Police Driver Services.

Announces 3 Years of Successful Deployment by South Yorkshire Police Driver Services

Cambridge, UK, October 5, 2009 --- Cordic Ltd, the leading provider of software and system solutions for the taxi, private hire and courier industries, announced today that its market leading mobile data despatch system with GPS has been successfully deployed by South Yorkshire Police Driver Services. Cordic further announced its cPAQ Despatch System has been meeting the broad range of transport, delivery and management needs of South Yorkshire Police Driver Services for the past three years without any downtime.

“We’ve been using Cordic’s system for three years and never had a problem with it,” stated Mick Hodgkinson, Driver Services Co-ordinator.

“The Driver Services unit is an internal support service unit for the whole of South Yorkshire Police, our service coverage extends far beyond just South Yorkshire and covers the whole of the UK. We’ve been using the Cordic system to transport personnel and for all our logistics needs. The cPAQ system with GPS has national coverage and allows us to log, despatch, monitor, record and report all our transport activities.

"Mini buses equipped with the PDA terminals and in-vehicle GPS are used for transporting new starters, personnel to and from events and for public safety tasks like picking up VIPs and transporting them to and from destinations”.

Mick continued, “We also do a very wide range of delivery and pick up services and the cPAQ system has been able to meet all our logistics needs. We have a very complicated multi-stop postal service and the cPAQ system enables the smooth delivery and pick up of general and very sensitive material. Special instructions for each stop can be sent to the drivers’ PDA terminals and the drivers can even collect an electronic signature, which is highly useful as it meets the legal requirement for ensuring chain of evidence.

"The cPAQ system has also saved us many man hours of training, and thus money, as it has eliminated what used to be about two weeks of handover training by a second driver. The driver emergency feature has also proved useful - it was successfully tested last year when a driver in a hostile situation pressed the emergency button and two units arrived on the scene within four minutes to assist. The system has been reliable and robust, and we are 110% satisfied with the system."

Fara Arani, Commercial Director of Cordic, commented, “cPAQ is the ultimate despatch system that has been designed primarily for the taxi and private hire industry, however the highly intelligent and feature rich system was easily adapted to meet the needs of South Yorkshire Police Driver Services.

"The trackability of the vehicles gives Driver Services the ability to not just know where the drivers and vehicles are, but also where they’ve been and where they are going. South Yorkshire Police Driver Services are reviewing the number of drivers who use the system and are now looking to upgrade their PDA terminals to the latest versions with embedded GPS. Their successful deployment, satisfaction with the cPAQ system and decision to continue with an upgraded system as they grow their department is a testament to the technical excellence, versatility and quality of Cordic’s mobile despatch systems. We are very proud to be working with South Yorkshire Police Driver Services and look forward to adding more police departments to our client base.”



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