Global Inkjet Systems announces high performance electronics for Fujifilm Dimatix Q class...


Cambridge-based Global Inkjet Systems Ltd announces a major new addition to its existing range of supported industrial inkjet printheads: new electronic hardware and software drivers specifically designed for the Fujifilm-Dimatix Q-Class Sapphire and Polaris heads and also capable of driving Nova, Galaxy and S-Class printheads.

Primarily intended for OEMs, systems integrators and ink developers, the new electronics (known as a Head Personality Board) forms part of the GIS Inkjet Operating System, providing complete connectivity between PC and printhead.

The new GIS Head Personality Board (Model HPB-FD-512) is designed to drive the Q-Class heads to their full specification. It supports multiple grey levels (including high speed binary) and full speed printing (up to 80 kHz), all at a continuous full duty cycle (every nozzle jetting).

At the heart of the new Head Personality Board is the fully configurable waveform generation engine which is ideal for ensuring optimal performance from all compatible Fujifilm-Dimatix greyscale printheads. Capable of generating up to four independent firepulse waveforms for precise drop control, the system allows the user to specify the slew-rates (rise and fall times) and voltage levels for individual parts of each waveform. Users can also specify different pulse shapes and voltage levels for each grey level drop.
The GIS Inkjet Operating System (IOS) provides end-to-end communications between a PC and any number and combination of industrial inkjet printheads, including mixed printhead types. The system even supports simultaneous printing at different resolutions which can be beneficial for applications where printing is followed by coating/material deposition.
The GIS IOS supports all major industrial printheads and all major printing applications - single pass and scanning - including variable data printing, monochrome and colour, label printing, wide format graphics printing, textile printing and material deposition. It provides OEMs and other users with a number of important benefits including reduced integration and development times as well as faster and easier implementation and optimisation of applications.
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