PA Consulting accelerates time-to-market for Sepura digital TETRA radio


PA Consulting Group has helped Sepura, a UK manufacturer of digital radios which operate on the TETRA network deployed for public safety communications, to develop a new hand-portable product in time for a critical market opportunity.

A 40% improvement on Sepura's previous time to market was achieved for the STP8000 hand-portable TETRA radio through PA's help across the development spectrum, which included the creation ofconcept solutions, smart rapid-prototyping and real hardware testing at PA's Cambridge Technology Centre.

Working together, Sepura and PA resolved over 100 complex technical issues in three months by establishing a programme of rapid development of robust solutions. The new handset has much increased radio performance, is feature rich, more robust and sealed to the demanding IP55 standard.
This type of accelerated development process is of particular benefit where a complexproduct is involved (in this case the combination of mechanical contacts, seals and casings withsophisticated electronics and complicated software) - in particular healthcareand medical devices, consumer electronics and the plastics and automotive industries.
Or contact:Ian Dunkley on +44 (0)1763 267286 or Bev Adams (Marketing) on +44 (0)1763 285260
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