PA Consulting gives insight to best practice for segmentation models


David Stansell, Managing Consultant in Communications at PA Consulting Group, will talk on 'Defining best practice for developing meaningful and actionable segmentation models' at IIR's Customer Segmentation & Intelligence conference on Day One, Tuesday 24 November 2009 (11.10 hrs).


In relation to segmentation strategy, the talk will cover:
- evaluating the pros and cons of different models
- why and how to combine them
- optimising the effectiveness of your strategy
- optimising customer data whilst retaining simplicity and flexibility
- implementing methods for testing and validating
- how reporting on effectiveness can improve your strategy.
Segmentation in theory and practice are very different; an over-complex approach will be difficult or impossible to implement. David will discuss some of the options and trade-offs that it is critical for an operator to consider when approaching segmentation, and its context in the rapidly evolving market for converged packages and new media channels and services.
For more information about the talk contact:
David Stansell on DL +44 (0)207 312 4937
Bev Adams (Marketing) on DL +44 (0)1763 285260
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