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PA Consulting Group has entered into a strategic agreement with 4D Biomedical Ltd to support the establishment of new collaborations between NHS Trusts, leading biomedical research Universities and industry partners to accelerate medical advances, both clinical and value-based.

Experimental Medicine - also known as Translational Medicine, a topic high on the UK Government’s agenda - is about enabling the biopharmaceutical industry to input clinical insight much earlier and more productively in the discovery and development of new medical interventions than has hitherto been possible, with major benefits for patients, the NHS, Universities, UK plc and industry.

This Experimental Medicine collaboration will unlock the value of the UK’s patient data reservoir and clinical science infrastructure, and address the growing time, cost and failure rate of pharmaceutical R&D. It will help to accelerate the development of the structures, strategies and multi-disciplinary Translational Research ‘hubs’ through which industry partners can improve their understanding of disease progression in patients, facilitated by informatics and new technologies such as imaging, micro-dosing and pharmacogenomics.

By combining PA’s global strengths in healthcare technology and large scale process and systems development with 4D Biomedical’s specialist expertise and track record in setting up ground-breaking experimental medicine initiatives, the collaboration will help realise the UK’s potential in this area.

Ian Rhodes, a Member of PA’s Management Group responsible for Technology and Health, comments: ‘PA is delighted to be entering into this ground-breaking collaboration in Experimental Medicine.

'By combining our track record in large scale health informatics, technology convergence, procurement and systems development with 4D’s specialist experience of building Experimental Medicine collaborations between hospitals, Universities and industry partners, we can make a real difference to unlocking value for the UK Health Sector, and in delivering major benefits to all parties in the form of improved health and reduced costs.’

George Freeman, CEO of 4D Biomedical Ltd, comments: ‘4D Biomedical has worked over the last four years with a number of leading UK Hospitals and Universities to create new Experimental Medicine partnerships in a range of therapeutic areas. Unlocking the full value of these hubs by bringing in industry partners requires major investment in health informatics and research infrastructure, and will drive complex but important new models of care, reimbursement, organisational and regulatory change, which PA has extensive experience and expertise in. Partnering in this way gives us the ability to offer clients the mix of innovation and professional technology development which this field needs.

Martin Wehling, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Heidelberg University and formerly Director of Discovery Medicine at AstraZeneca comments: ‘Translational Medicine is the future. 4D Biomedical has already led the way in the UK by pioneering new translational collaborations, and through this link with PA will be perfectly placed to lead the burgeoning Experimental Medicine market in Europe.’

The collaboration’s first joint activity was a Foresighting Dinner at Emmanuel College, Cambridge on 29 January 2010, at which 40 UK opinion-formers in Experimental Medicine joined PA and 4D Biomedical to discuss the respective roles of industry, Government, Universities and the NHS in unlocking the value of this fast emerging field.


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About 4D Biomedical Ltd

4D Biomedical is specialist biomedical consultancy with strengths in three key areas:
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• the fast growing field of experimental medicine, and the creation of new partnerships between the pharmaceutical industry, universities and hospitals to accelerate biomedical innovation
• planning, creating and financing successful commercial ventures, including taking a 'hands-on' role in supporting founder teams with the planning and implementation of new ventures – in which it has a strong track record.


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