Have a peek at turning your tweets into currency


Leading creative agency Peek worked together with publishers Brightword to launch a new social media campaign to promote the book by Peek's director Sarah-Jane White, "49 Quick Ways to Market Your Business for Free"...

The book is available to download for £4.90 from Brightword Publishing (a division of the UK's leading independent book publishers Harriman House). However, if you have a twitter account, you can pay for the book with a tweet.

Sarah-Jane said, "I loved putting this book together. When it comes to marketing your business there's so many great free resources on the web, but they are scattered and often the gems are buried in a mountain of rubble. I've taken the hard work out of trawling all the top tips and put 49 of the best resources together for anyone to use.  Are you ready to dig in and make a real difference to your marketing?

"Take twitter for example. Twitter is a brilliant tool for presenting a personality of your business to the world. You can use it to search for leads, support your organic search engine listings and of course answer people's questions. Sixty four per cent of users are more likely to purchase from a business that answers their questions on twitter. (Source InboxQ). But the true power of twitter is in the retweet. Your message is then passed on to all the followers of the retweeter for even greater reach.

"To prove the power of Twitter, I thought that you might like the chance to own a copy of my great eBook by "paying with a tweet". That's all it will cost you. One tweet to your followers about this great resource for business. Go on, get a copy today.".

Click here to get your copy with a tweet from Brightword Publishing


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