Xentech Solutions to exhibit at Embedded Masterclass


Xentech Solutions is proud to be exhibiting at this year’s Embedded Masterclass at the Menzies Hotel, Bar Hill, Cambridge on June 27th.

 “With Embedded Masterclass being theUK’s premier Embedded Systems Conference and Exhibition, it was the obvious choice to get closer to the people who actually develop embedded systems” said Kevin O'Brien, Managing Director of Xentech Solutions.

 Established in 2007, Xentech Solutions provides existing and start-up companies with the capability to design and develop electronics products on a flexible basis without taking on full time staff. The experience of the team has been developed over 15 years of working with or for worldwide brands in theUSand Europe, together with introducing products into volume manufacturing inAsia.

Core technologies used include ARM™ Cortex™ M3 processors from TI, Freescale™ PowerQUICC® and i.MX processors, wired and wireless LAN technologies, embedded Linux and a wide range of FPGAs and PICs.

Services provided by Xentech Solutions include

· Board level design and support

· Embedded Linux software development

· Product Testing at the component and system level

· Regulatory Approvals to allow CE marking

· Environmental Testing to ensure a quality product

· Prototype and Volume Manufacturing

By utilising a flexible model of engagement, Xentech Solutions can take on specific aspects of a product development, to ease a temporary resource or skills shortfall, or can take on the complete product development from initial concept through the design, development and testing stages and on to full regulatory approvals and volume manufacturing.


About Xentech Solutions

Xentech Solutions Limited (www.xentech.co.uk) is an independent, design company specialising in providing electronics product design capabilities across a wide range of technologies associated with the consumer and telecoms market sectors. The company’s core focus is on embedded systems, high speed digital hardware design, FPGA design and embedded software development. The team have in depth knowledge and expertise of IP and Ethernet Networking and in getting products into high volume manufacturing.



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Xentech Solutions is an electronics design consultancy specialising in design and development of high-speed digital systems for telecommunications, Ethernet networking, computing and instrumentation markets.

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