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Calling all Cambridge independents! Production of the next Independent Cambridge book is underway, so act now to make sure your business is included.


The third edition of the popular guide to the city's indie retailers, artisans and craftspeople is being put together now, ready for publication later in the year. Anne Beamish, its principal writer and editor, says: "There are good reasons for making sure you're included in the book:

  • People love to keep our book on hand for the full two years it’s out there.
  • Independent Cambridge ONLY promotes businesses like yours, we will never promote your business alongside corporate competitors - 100% indie guaranteed.
  • We write about your business from a third-party point of view. Readers get your full story from an independent perspective - and that can mean a lot in these 'review culture' days.
  • You don’t have to supply any artwork to us, we do all the hard work and take away the hassle of writing text and supplying images.
  • Readers are proud to share the discovery of our book - and all of you - with friends and family.

"We’re an independent business too and we are working as hard as possible to put you on the map and tell your story properly.

"We've just negotiated some extra free distribution to hotels with the help of Cambridge BID - so the book will appear in loads more hotel rooms across the city too. We are only small at the moment but we have big plans for the future. The more people like you put their faith in us, the more we can do to help the independent sector in Cambridge go from strength to strength.
"We are getting a fantastic response so far but there are only so many hours in the day. If you haven’t yet told us you want to be in the book, please get in touch now. We’re only a few weeks away from our booking deadline and we won't be publishing again for another two years."

To find out rates and make sure your business is included, please email Anne:

Independent Cambridge team

 Clare, Anne & Steve - The Independent Cambridge team



The colourful and informative book, Independent Cambridge, is available from Waterstones, Heffers, many of the independent shops and online at



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