IDTechEx highlights a $5.5bn opportunity for printed and flexible electronics in vehicles


Printed and flexible electronics are beginning to proliferate, with a variety of components and devices coming to market. Several end-user verticals are expected to benefit from the host of advantages these technologies offer and the automotive sector is no exception, says new research from IDTechEx.


Overall, the market is expected to grow to over $5.5bn dollars in the next decade, spearheaded by the projected growth of in mold electronics (IME) and OLED technologies, as discussed in the brand new IDTechEx Research report “Printed and Flexible Electronics in Automotive Applications 2016-2026”.

Some of the technologies described within the report are mature markets and are not expected to dramatically increase their market share or revenues (e.g. windscreen defoggers) whereas others are expected to grow significantly in the next decade. In mold electronics (IME), a market of a few tens of millions in 2016 is expected to experience the biggest growth in the next decade, reaching almost $1 billion by 2026. Other technologies, such as e-textiles, are expected to take a few more years of development before we see them rolled out into automotive applications.

Information on the markets of a host of technologies, including IME, OLED (displays and lighting), a range of sensors, haptics, photovoltaics, thermal interface materials and conductive inks applications, can be found in the report. Also included are descriptions of current and upcoming use cases of these technologies by existing and potential adopters. There is a detailed listing of the most significant players in each segment along with relevant, interview-based company profiles, compiled using primary research by experienced IDTechEx market analysts, identifying and comparing activities of each of the major players in the key market sectors addressed.

“Printed and Flexible Electronics in Automotive Applications 2016-2026 - Enabling technology toolkits, suppliers and market forecasts” distils over 15 years of experience in the space for printed/flexible electronics along with primary and secondary research on the technologies described in the report. Ten year forecasts for the growth of the market are given, alongside with potential future directions and markets that show promise in the long term.

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