DisplayLink announces world first — Quad 4K p60 monitors via a single USB connection

(BUSINESS WIRE)--DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics technology, today announced a world first, connecting Four 4K p60 Ultra HD Monitors via a single USB connection at Computex 2016 using their latest DL-6000 series Docking Chipset. DisplayLink will be showcasing it live at the W Hotel, Taipei, between today (1st June) and Friday 3rd June.


"It seems like only a few years since people said Full HD wouldn’t be possible over USB and since that time we’ve continued to push the boundaries for display connectivity. At CES we announced our new DL-6950 chipset supporting Dual 4K p60, and today, six months later we’re showcasing Quad 4K displays connected using 2x DL-6950 enabled products, daisy chained and connected to the host via a single USB cable, which can be either USB Type-C or Standard-A," said John Cummins, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing.

"The demand for Ultra-HD 4K is growing rapidly and we’re proud to show the inherent scalability and flexibility of our latest DL-6950 chipsets. Quad 4K opens a totally new segment in workstation docking and provides flexibility for users to deploy a dock using our DL-6950 technology for Dual UHD 4K and then further add two more 4K displays as their needs and demands for increased productivity and a larger digital work-space grow."

DisplayLink’s DL-6950 chipset is currently shipping to design partners with some already showing at Computex 2016. The demonstration of Quad 4K displays over USB shows DisplayLink’s ability to support 8K pixels today over both USB Type-C and USB Standard-A connectors with just a Gen 1 5Gbps link and opens the workstation market to a whole new level of performance / productivity and expansion.

The demonstration will showcase at Computex, at the W Hotel, showing a PC connected over a single USB cable to a DL-6950 enabled Universal docking station, with a second DL-6950 product daisy chained to drive 4 x UHD (Ultra High-Definition) 3840x2160 displays all at p60, along with Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and USB expansion.

For more information on DisplayLink products or to see a demo, arrange a meeting at the W Hotel from June 1st to 3rd or visit http://www.displaylink.com


Email: pr@displaylink.com

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