Saving lives by empowering communities to tackle air pollution

Each year, seven million deaths worldwide are attributed to air pollution. ¹In the UK alone, air pollution contributes to 44,000 deaths annually. ²Drayson Technologies believes that people should have the tools to see what’s in the air they breathe, and empowered with this information be able to reduce their own exposure to, and impact on, air pollution.


Making the difference in tackling air pollution

Drayson Technologies conceived CleanSpace™, a portable personal air pollution sensor and app that gives you real-time personal data on your exposure and motivates you to choose non-polluting transport choices in return for rewards.

CleanSpace™ is powered by Freevolt™ technology, which harvests wasted energy from wireless transmissions, so you never have to charge or change its battery. CleanSpace creates a network of sensors using a cloud-based platform to provide the world’s most accurate real-time map of air pollution to its members. It also incentivises those members to make cleaner travel choices by rewarding each ‘clean journey’ with CleanMiles™ that they can redeem for rewards with partner organisations.

Drayson approached PA to help them get the idea to market as quickly as possible. Assembling a multi-disciplinary team, PA provided Drayson with the commercial insight, technology expertise and scalable resource they needed to design and develop CleanSpace™ in an accelerated time-frame. This included co-developing the portable air-quality sensor, the smart-phone application and the cloud-based internet services required to register new users, track journeys, integrate air quality data and manage the rewards system. CleanSpace™ launched in London in the run up to Christmas 2015 and the community is growing fast with 58,000 members already generating on average 20 clean miles per person per week.

“The PA team were great. They quickly bought into our vision and had the commercial and technical expertise to help us get CleanSpace™ from concept to market in under nine months. We are looking forward to working with PA on more projects in the future – they really know how to get difficult things done quickly.” Lord Drayson – Chairman & CEO, Drayson Technologies Limited.

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