Combustion engine era goes up in smoke as tech revolution shapes tomorrow's cars

PA’s Tim Lawrence, manufacturing expert, is quoted in the Financial Times’ special report on the future of the car. The article talks about a technology revolution in the automotive industry which carmakers need to bear in mind in order to move forward.


One aspect of the article looks at connected technology in cars as an attempt to make them more attractive to young drivers who are more concerned with being available online than they are with horsepower.

The article goes on to say that carmakers fear that car ownership amongst the younger generation is falling and will eventually disappear completely.

Tim comments on this trend: “What we want from our cars is changing.”

He goes on to say: “Younger customers care less about actually owning the car. Car sharing and hiring are back on the agenda.

“That means established companies need to be looking at alternative business models and using the potential of new connected technologies to meet a wider range of mobility needs in different ways.”

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