Zellabox announces the appointment of Chairman Hugh Parnell


Zellabox, the global leader in Modular Micro Data Centres, is excited to announce the appointment of Hugh Parnell as Chairman of the Board.


Hugh, based in the UK, has extensive experience with the UK's early stage and growth technology businesses. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1979 and then pursued a 16-year international career with BP. This was followed by 6 years in the City of London conducting cross-border M&A and capital markets advisory work for merchant banks. Since 2000, he has been a senior member of the growth company cluster surrounding Cambridge, UK. He is non-exec Chair of several technology-led unquoted growth companies and founder of the Cambridge Cleantech business community. He enjoys helping businesses to develop and reach scale.

Mr Parnell said "Zellabox is a fantastic company, has already proved it can grow sales in multiple markets with a product that is hugely topical - data, cyber security, non-cloud storage and flexibility are increasingly core to many major companies. I am really excited to join the team and will do all I can to reinforce their continuing growth."

Zellabox has seen the UK and European market as its next move for some time. The appointment of a UK-based chairman is a strategic step that will improve the company's ability to address this market. Zellabox is particularly keen to utilise Mr Parnell's experience with the UK technology market in growing their UK presence.

Angie Keeler, Zellabox CEO, commented that "The addition of Hugh to the Zellabox board is a huge win for Zellabox. His experience, expertise and guidance has proven invaluable already and he has been central to Zellabox's move into the UK market. We are pleased to welcome Hugh on to the Board and look forward to his contribution to our success in Europe"

About Zellabox:

Zellabox is based in Perth, Western Australia and is the leading global provider of Modular Micro Data Centres. Since 2010 Zellabox has been providing solutions that protect servers in a wide range of environments.

Zellabox focuses on innovating and adapting their product to the specific needs of the customer base. A deep understanding of the problems facing modern IT drives a commitment to provide excellent customer service. This understanding is achieved through creating strong relationships with customers. 


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Zellabox provides a simple solution to reducing the cost of securely housing IT and communications equipment and maintaining it at optimum operating temperatures.

Zellabox’s ‘best in class’ Micro Data Centre (MDC) provides a lower cost alternative to building a server room and a much more secure, easier managed environment to housing IT equipment in a hot and dusty broom cupboard.