Many organisations struggle to lead and execute projects that are critical to their goals

A new executive education programme developed by Cambridge Judge Business School will provide a holistic view of managing projects in terms of mastering complexity and uncertainty, leading and motivating teams and managing stakeholders.


Leading Effective Projects Programme, 31st May - 5th June 2015 at Cambridge Judge Business School

Projects are an important vehicle for organisations to implement their objectives. Managers are frequently given responsibility for leading or overseeing projects. Moreover, successful execution of strategies such as mergers or acquisitions requires the ability to manage complex and risky projects. Many organisations lack such capabilities, and struggle to implement projects that are critical to their goals. Conversely, organisations that are able to manage projects effectively can create value as well as competitive advantages.

Many managers believe that projects are simply about planning and scheduling. However, you could do a very good job of planning and scheduling, and still have poor outcomes. With many projects involving complex issues, diverse or even conflicting requirements that must be integrated, and highly uncertain outcomes, managers need a broad range of skills to successfully implement projects. Executives must be capable of responding to contingencies, building relationships within teams and with stakeholders, providing leadership and transferring knowledge. While these skills are essential for managing projects, their value goes well beyond. The leadership skills developed through projects can greatly contribute to an executive's general success.

The Leading Effective Projects programme is a five-day offering that will help managers by giving them a holistic view of managing projects in terms of mastering complexity and uncertainty, leading and motivating teams, managing stakeholders, and embedding projects into the organisational context. The objectives of the programme are to improve the project capabilities of participants: whether they lead a project, have oversight responsibilities or are a user. We adopt a managerial - rather than a technical - perspective, and focus on issues that concern those who lead projects.

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The programme covers the following topics:

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The topics are covered through analyses of actual projects in multiple domains. The sessions are highly interactive; the pedagogy consists of a mixture of simulations, exercises, role-playing games, cases, discussions, and lectures.

The take-aways consist of a synthesis of concepts and practical tools that participants can directly apply to their own projects.

This programme is open to executives involved in different project roles: as leaders, sponsors, or users. This includes functional managers who define the parameters of projects, such as: 

  • Launching new products, developing new services or planning new marketing campaigns
  • Implementing a change management programme
  • Creating a new business model or setting up a new business


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