Cambridge Science Centre launches COSMOS – an innovative way to bring science into your home

Since opening its doors in 2013, Cambridge Science Centre has been an extremely popular destination for a fun day out and has welcomed over 120,000 parents and children from Cambridge and beyond. As it launches a new online programme - COSMOS Kids - to enable visitors to take science home with them, the charity seeks support from local businesses. Join in to benefit from the scheme while fulfilling your social responsibility objectives.


Offering a unique space for children to explore and discover scientific concepts, the centre is an exceptionally enjoyable way to get your children enthusiastic about science and make new discoveries of their own.

After years of children and families asking if there is a way to take a piece of the science centre home with them, the charity is very pleased to announce the launch of a new online programme, COSMOS Kids. A talented team of science education experts have hand-picked the best science activities to do at home, and designed a wealth of fun, engaging games, puzzles and challenges. Each month a new topic is tackled – starting with Vision.

cosmos 2COSMOS Kids is on a mission to take hands-on science into the home, and give parents and families the tools, resources and most importantly, the confidence to try science activities, as you would do crafts or baking. From as little as £12 per year, COSMOS Kids will give you everything you need to get stuck in to science, and bridges digital and physical worlds to encourage co-operative learning between children and families.

Cambridge Science Centre wants everyone to open up a new way of learning and exploring science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) through COSMOS Kids. It is  a charity, and relies on the support of the Cambridge community to keep its mission alive. 

The Centre says: "As a result, we have an exclusive offer for businesses who wish to show their commitment to support and encourage the next generation to become curious, inventive young people, and at the same time open up opportunities for staff engagement and volunteering.

"COSMOS Corporate is our supporters’ scheme, where we invite businesses to make a small donation, and become part of the COSMOS network.

"Benefits include networking opportunities, fundraising and volunteering initiatives for your staff, and most excitingly, a free 30 day trial of COSMOS Kids for all your staff and their children (or grandchildren, nieces & nephews!)."

To find out more about this fantastic opportunity to meet your CSR goals at the same time as supporting the next generation, contact Rosie Knowles


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