Tier 2 Consulting launches the OpenShift Kickstarter programme for DevOps managers

If your organisation is looking to create an agile DevOps environment to accelerate application delivery, then the OpenShift Kickstarter Program from Tier 2 Consulting in Stevenage is the ideal way to explore the potential.

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The Red Hat OpenShift Container Management Platform utilises Docker images and Kubernetes orchestration to build, scale and manage applications in the cloud – making OpenShift is a productivity tool capable of uniting developers and production managers in their quest to facilitate a seamless DevOps environment.

The result is infrastructure-to-apps agility, free from the constraints of legacy architecture, in one powerful platform.

For developers, the ability to build, test and deploy enterprise applications in the same environment, in hours, not days, is a game-changer.

Additionally, container technology means production managers can effectively ‘lift and shift’ traditionally developed, business-critical applications onto the OpenShift Platform – giving the option to scale or port with ease.

What you’ll get from the Kickstarter Programme

Working with Stevenage-based Tier 2 Consulting, a Red Hat Premier Partner, you’ll get 5 invaluable days of technical consulting expertise and a free 30 day Red Hat OpenShift Evaluation Subscription to road-test containerised applications.

Explore how to:

  • configure a live OpenShift Container Management Platform environment on AWS
  • build a containerised application
  • create your CI/CD pipelines.

This hands-on programme is the ideal for IT business leaders, senior developers and operations managers looking to explore containerised applications.

The Red Hat OpenShift Container Management PaaS is revolutionising enterprise IT efficiency. Start your journey into agile DevOps on the OpenShift Kickstarter Program.

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NOTE: Applications are strictly limited and subject to availability.

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