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D&A Creative was asked by CBM to look at the redesign of its annual Prayer Diary.

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CBM is a Christian international disability and development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and at risk of disabilities in the poorest countries of the world.

Having worked with the team for a number of years designing their quarterly newsletters, D&A was asked to look at the redesign of  the organisation's Prayer Diary. An annual version of this was given to supporters who requested it, as a guide for times of prayer and a source of information about CBM’s work.

The annual Prayer Diary was no longer working for a number of reasons, including the look, layout and format; and it was hard to provide information for so far ahead due to changing circumstances as the year unfolded. But there was still a need to clearly present a spectrum of CBM’s work in a way which allowed supporters to pray for the work, understand it better and remain enthused about the cause.

The solution was to split the Prayer Diary into a quarterly publication. This allowed D&A more space to achieve a larger font size (important as a proportion of users have vision problems.) The team says: "We decided to include sections for daily prayer points, short articles/case studies and spaces for photos and images which engage supporters with individuals and create emotional impact. This makes the whole piece much more engaging. The new design is brighter and cleaner and allows the reader to easily navigate through the weeks of the calendar quarter".

‘We’ve had a lot of praise from supporters who are enjoying the new and improved feel to CBM’s Prayer Diary this year. Visually, it’s easy on the eye and encourages our supporters to engage with the work they’re enabling on a deeper, more spiritual level.’
Marketing Executive, CBM UK

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