Brainbow party is Christmas cracker for young!

Brainbow, the specialist rehabilitation service for children with brain tumours at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will bring Christmas cheer to those it helps with its biggest family event yet.

Held at Swynford Manor in Six Mile Bottom, tomorrow (Thursday 20 December), from 2pm to 4.30pm, over 100 children and their families are expected to attend a party organised by Brainbow, a service made possible by the support of three charities – Anna’s Hope, Tom’s Trust and Joshua Tarrant Trust.

Brainbow has again been supported in this event by the Cambridgeshire branch of PwC, which is providing a personalised present for children who attend, as well as support from local supporters for the funds to convene the party. Coutts, Cambridge, have also provided support through volunteers to help make the party a success.

They will be treated to a host of activities, including reindeer feeding, Santa’s grotto and Christmas-themed games.

Brainbow’s goal is to help children reach their full potential and over five years it has helped more than 250 children.

The service provides rehabilitation, assessment and intervention from diagnosis, to hospital admission and follow-up outpatient appointments. The multi-disciplinary team includes physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, specialist teaching, psychology with management and administration functions.

Dr Amos Burke, the clinical lead for paediatric oncology and Brainbow, said: “The family event is a key part of our Brainbow support for children with brain tumours. It is a pleasure to host an event especially at Christmas and we know that the children and their families will benefit greatly.

We are grateful for the continued funding support from Anna’s Hope, Tom’s Trust and the Joshua Tarrant Trust and also the generous goodwill of PwC and Coutts. We would wish a very Happy Christmas to them all”

Anyone who would like to make a donation to the charities, which were set up by parents who lost children to brain tumours, should visit Anna’s Hope, Tom’s Trust and Joshua Tarrant Trust.

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