How Crayfish can help you tap into the Chinese education technology market

The Chinese market for international education technology is wide open, but it remains challenging for foreign companies, according to leading experts.

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Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of Crayfish International, explains: "One of the important goals in China’s 13th five-year plan is to achieve the digital transition in education and learning. Budget in ICT and EdTech has been increasing, reaching US$40bn.The timing is perfect to bring international education technology in front of Chinese consumers and win the largest EdTech market." 
However, according to Qin Li, CEO of QED Education Group, the Chinese market remains challenging for foreign companies which are often lost in procurement processes. "There is also a concern over losing their IP. Finding the right partner who can navigate the processes and help protect a company's IP is therefore the key to success."

"On the operational level, one of the most cited challenges is the lack of talent and resources to carry out Chinese projects, which typically require bilingual language skills and cultural understanding," Ting added. "This is where companies, especially SMEs, can find a niche online marketplace like Crayfish very helpful in fulfilling their needs for quick access to Chinese speaking talent."

The Crayfish® platform is the first and only online marketplace dedicated to English-Chinese bilingual project work. It enables businesses to access instantly a variety of skills and China expertise on demand – from translation to setting up a Chinese social media account, identifying a distributor or finding the right manufacturer in China.  Signing up at the platform is free.

Ting and Qin answer questions on GET China, the Chinese market; the place of EdTech and the role of Crayfish in helping UK companies achieve a breakthrough in China on the BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) website blog here.


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