PCE Instruments introduces new series of borescopes

PCE Instruments has launched a new range of industrial borescopes which are available with different camera cables to fit the individual customers’ purpose. The series is called the PCE-VE 1000 series.

The order code PCE-VE 1036HR-F, for example, means that the borescope has a cable which is 3m long and the camera head has a diameter of 6mm. The HR stands for the HR camera cable which is flexible, as the F implies.

One of the special advantages of the borescope is the large display which allows the user a good overview of the surface to be viewed, due to its large dimensions and good resolution. The borescope can record images and videos. The videos are additionally saved by audio recording. The user can see the very clear resolution when saving the images to the inserted SD card by a keystroke. When the SD card is read out via a computer, the recorded images and videos are shown very clearly. Since the recordings are saved to an external mass storage device, the user can select what SD card to insert into the borescope. The maximum capacity should be 32 GB. An 8 GB memory card allows more than 60,000 images or 530 minutes of video material to be saved.

The borescope’s 2-way optics are particularly advantageous in locations that are hard to access. However, if the control of the camera head should not be sufficient at times and the images in the display are not clear enough, the user has the possibility to rotate the images in the display of the hand-held unit by 90°. In addition to the image rotation, several other functions can be set directly at the hand-held unit. This enables digital zoom as well as setting the LED brightness of the camera head. The borescope has a thread at the rear side which enables the operator to place the main unit on a tripod in order to make continuous recordings. The Auto Power Off function can be enabled or disabled in the borescope’s menu and different time intervals between 5 and 30 minutes can be selected as the Power Off time. The main unit can also be held comfortably using the foam-covered hand straps.

PCE Instruments is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of test, control, laboratory and weighing equipment in all price ranges, offering a huge number of different measuring instruments for applications in engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, food and hygiene, environmental and many other industries. The company was founded by German engineers nearly two decades ago and has expanded all over the world, having 13 offices in various countries. In case a customer cannot find the right product or solution in PCE’s range of products, they can ask the production and development department to provide a more individual solution that suits their needs.

For further information, please visit https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/measuring-instruments/test-meters/industrial-borescope-kat_40041.htm

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