Opt-out of complex martech and marketing jargon. Opt-in to simplicity

Marketers and creatives are increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of technology available to support their everyday activities. But their lives shouldn’t become more complex or more challenging. Instead, their working day should be stress-free, logical, and efficient. So, with the proliferation of martech tools, what do marketers need to simplify their working lives?

Marketers frequently need to reference the marketing ‘wiki’ to figure out exactly what they’re dealing with too, as tech abbreviations reach an all-time high in our digital frenzy.

The proliferation of martech tools

But marketers’ lives shouldn’t become more complex or more challenging. Instead, their working day should be stress-free, logical, and efficient. So, with the proliferation of martech tools, what do marketers need to simplify their working lives? At Third Light we’ve designed our digital asset management solution with people at the very heart of its functionality. We’ve made simplicity key, so you won’t need to upskill or take a masterclass in digital marketing. In the context of a global marketplace connected by technology, this is what marketers and creatives have been waiting to hear. Marketers are frequently told to ‘keep pace, up-skill, buckle-up,’ which is concerning, as they worry that they’re going to be left behind. What marketers really want is to be reassured. They want to know ‘we can do it’, and that ‘it will work’. With Third Light’s media library, we can and it will. It’s not just another DAM abbreviation.

Mirroring the way you work

We’ve designed our digital media library so that it simplifies tasks and solves many of the problems that marketers encounter on a day-to-day basis. We’ve made sure it has the right tools and functions to help them navigate a rapidly changing world as the complexities and challenges are not going to go away. Creating great assets and managing media is fundamental to any business and to be able to do it simply is essential. With Third Light you can upload your media easily, regardless of where you are, what device you’re on and how many assets you have. You and your colleagues can tag, find and use that media quickly and share it seamlessly, without sending through channels that can’t handle the ever-increasing size of your images. You can download and use selected assets from your growing mountain of photos, videos, logos, branding materials and artwork, and know at all times who has used what, when and how. It has a beautiful drag-and-drop user interface that is perfectly usable on PCs, Macs and iPads, and is easily rebranded to suit every business.

Flexibility to suit your needs

Storage is flexible and unlimited. Video, volume and quality have fuelled a sharp increase in storage requirements in recent years, and it’s crucial to allow for this trend. It's not just the number of images we take that has had an impact on the storage we all need. Gains in camera capture quality and megapixels have increased dramatically in recent years, enabling us to take and view high resolution pictures on our mobile devices. In fact, high resolution screens are themselves a driver for the expectation of high resolution imagery. The ability to easily take video has also impacted the amount of space we need to house all of our media, and we increasingly use recorded webinars, product promos, adverts, how-to guides, interviews and virtual tours to sell our products and services.

Future-proofing for peace of mind

For our customers’ lives to really stay simple, we’ve also ensured that our digital media library will seamlessly integrate or connect with other company systems and applications including web and content management tools, social media sites, AI tools, location mapping, reporting and accounting software or document creator applications like word and excel. Technology changes, software changes and working practices change, and our customers are assured that even if they don’t know what their future requirements are now, they can simply integrate something to meet those requirements when they do.

Try it and see

In our digital world where the proliferation of technology and the speed of change is forcing us to rapidly upskill in order to survive the complex challenges, what we really need and crave is simplicity. We need intuitive, integrated systems that can manage those challenges for us and make our working lives as easy as they possibly can be.

Seeing is believing. A 30-day free fully-featured trial lets you test-drive our digital media library with your own files and teams. Visit www.thirdlight.com/trial to try it instantly, or talk to us about a guided tour.


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