PBD Biotech prepares to launch Mycobacterial diagnostic service in East Anglia

Using its proprietary technology for detecting the presence of live Mycobacteria at high levels of sensitivity, PBD Biotech will launch its service in September 2017.

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Anyone interested in accessing this service for analysis of mycobacteria or other bacterial species either for agricultural diagnosis or research purposes should register at http://www.pbdbio.com/mycobacterial-detection-service/

PBD Biotech has adapted and updated earlier technology used for diagnosis of human TB in sputum so that it can be routinely used for rapid and sensitive detection of live bacteria in both blood and milk in the agricultural sector.

As part of its business rollout the company will be manufacturing a range of commercial test kits to address the unmet global market need for rapid inexpensive and sensitive analysis of the presence of life bacteria in both domestic and wildlife. In addition, the company will be offering a bespoke testing service which is expected to launch in September 2017 -  initially focused on the detection of both bovine tuberculosis and paratuberculosis from milk and blood.The technology has the flexibility to detect the majority of mycobacteria and has also been successfully applied in multiple animal species.

Potential users of this service are requested to register their interest through the company website at www.pbdbio.com


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