Cambridge Intelligence reveals KeyLines 4.0


A major release of the KeyLines graph visualization toolkit incorporates game-changing functionality to simplify and accelerate graph visual analysis at scale.

Data visualization software leaders Cambridge Intelligence today released a preview of KeyLines 4.0. The latest version includes an overhaul of KeyLines’ unique combos functionality – the approach by which nodes and links can be grouped on charts.

In version 4.0 of the toolkit,  combos can be opened, closed and nested, meaning analysts can quickly consolidate cluttered charts, revealing detail on demand and driving analysis at their own pace.

KeyLines’ Product Manager, Dan Williams, said the new functionality solves a significant customer challenge:

“As our customers rely more and more on graph insight, the volume of data being collected and analyzed in KeyLines has exploded. The risk is overloaded KeyLines charts and overwhelmed data analysts.

The new combos feature will end chart clutter, giving users a faster and more intuitive route from graph data to graph insight.”

The new functionality, as well as other features new in KeyLines 4.0, will be available to preview and try at GraphConnect NYC – the world’s largest show dedicated to graph technology.

Members of the KeyLines team will be available all day at the Cambridge Intelligence exhibition stand. Graph visualization expert and author, Corey Lanum, will present a talk on reducing clutter in Neo4j visualizations at 2.25pm.

Existing KeyLines customers can join an early access program by contacting their account manager.

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At Cambridge Intelligence we help organizations visualize their data and understand the complex connections within it. From fraud detection to cyber security, we make it possible for analysts to 'join the dots' in their networks, uncover hidden threats, and generate intelligence.

Using our KeyLines technology, it's quick and easy to build powerful data visualisation applications, roll them into analysts' tools and workflows, and deploy them anywhere in the world.

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Cambridge Intelligence make KeyLines and ReGraph, toolkits for visualizing complex connections in data.

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