Coleridge Community College Carnival Crew shine at Music for Youth Proms at Royal Albert Hall

Coleridge Carnival Crew, 39 student drummers and dancers from Coleridge Community College, gave the performance of a lifetime as part of the Music for Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall - in front of an audience of 5000.

The Coleridge Carnival started as a cross-curricular Dance and Music module and students liked it so much that they requested an extra-curricular Carnival Club.  The Club entered a video audition into the Music for Youth Festival series and were automatically carried through the local and regional rounds of performance.  It was then invited to perform at Birmingham in the Music for Youth National Festival where students gave an amazing performance and wowed the audience with their energy and vibrance.  

Coleridge Carnival Crew was then invited to perform at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall as part of the Music for Youth Proms, as one of 43 groups selected from of the 40,000 performers who applied.

Student Reflections:

Our experience at the Royal Albert hall was AMAZING, and definitely unforgettable. Being able to say that the Coleridge Carnival Crew have performed on the same stage as musical legends is incredible.
The performance itself felt like the first time we’d ever performed, even after all the months of rehearsals. Walking out onto the stage and seeing the faces of thousands in the crowd, including many loved ones, fuelled the performance’s celebratory spirit and vibes.
The hall itself made us feel so small but the atmosphere of the arena during our performance made us feel huge. As soon as the first rhythm began, the nerves disappeared and we threw everything we had at the performance.

 Mark Patterson, Headteacher of Coleridge Community College commented: 'What an amazing performance!  Our performance at the Music for Youth event in the Royal Albert Hall ranks as one of our greatest achievements as a school - unforgettable for our students and their parents, and our staff, too!  I am so proud!'

Coleridge Carnival Crew is supported by PFA Friends & Alumni Fund, a registered charity in which the main aim is to develop and enhance activities like this and to fund equipment and resources to carry on this type of valuable enrichment experience for students at Parkside Federation Academies schools.  For more information please follow this link

Coleridge Carnival Crew has been asked to perform at the Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge.

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