Let China work for you while you celebrate Christmas

Christmas is not a public holiday in China. So while Christmas trees light up shopping malls here, for most Chinese people it is work as usual. And if your business needs something done ready for the new year, now is the perfect time.

In a special holiday promotion, Crayfish.io will help you manage the process of finding and securing a professional freelancer to do your work as a FREE service. 

Everyone is busy in the run-up to the holiday season, but if you have a piece of Chinese translation, or a market research requirement, or you need to source a list of suppliers – in fact, whatever task you have in mind – Crayfish.io will find you a qualified bilingual English-Chinese speaker to get your work done.

Instead of asking you to post your project on its portal and select a freelancer yourself, the Crayfish.io team will do all this for you with its new 'Managed Service'. All you need to provide is a project description and a rough idea of how much you'd like to spend, and Crayfish will get your work done by its vetted China-based freelancers during the Christmas and New Year holiday. 

When you return in January, your project will be done and waiting for your approval. 

Ting Zhang, Crayfish.io founder and CEO, explains: "Managed Service normally costs £50 per project.  But our special holiday promotion means you don't have to pay any extra. If you authorise the project between now (5th) and 15th December, we will provide this service for FREE.

"But you need to hurry! This offer is limited to five projects only, and will be made on a 'first come-first served' basis, subject to the project being accepted by Crayfish.io.  

"Get in touch NOW by emailing hello@crayfish.io or call us on 01223 421966 to discuss your requirement and let Crayfish.io boost your business with China in 2018."

About Crayfish.io

Innovative Cambridge online startup Crayfish.io offers a unique service to help businesses operate in China.

Crayfish matches English-Chinese bilingual freelancers with Western businesses who need help in dealing with their Chinese partners and audiences, providing a source of qualified people to undertake projects and offer information, knowledge and cultural insight.

Business users post their projects on to the site and freelancers bid for the work, with the transaction carried out through the web-based Crayfish platform, Crayfish.io. Users pay a fee after they accept a freelancer's proposal, with payment - less commission - released on completion of the job.

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