forms a new strategic partnership, a Cambridge-based platform offering Chinese business expertise and multi-lingual support, is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Global Wisdom Group (Glodom), a leading provider of language technology solutions in China. is a comprehensive online solution provider, giving businesses the opportunity to overcome the language and cultural obstacles which can prevent successful trading with China.

 “Language difference has long been a barrier to doing business with China. Whether it involves importing or exporting transactions, technical manuals, marketing materials, or agreements or conversations during a visit, if there is a breakdown or misunderstanding in communication, the commercial opportunity may be lost,” says Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of

“Companies are constantly looking for quality translation solutions that provide best value for money, especially as companies with global ambitions must focus on developing overseas markets.  With this new partnership, we can now offer significant cost savings to large translation and website localisation projects, in addition to our popular freelancing translation services.”

An ISO certified multilingual solutions company, Glodom delivers language translation and website localisation solutions. From its headquarters in Shenzhen, Glodom serves customers all over China through its branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and production bases in Central and West China.  Its customer list boasts dominant players in the Chinese Internet space –Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent (the famous BAT) – alongside well-known Chinese brands such as Huawei, Gree and BYD.

Glodom also supplies its language solutions to Western multinationals in China including Philips, Google and the BBC.  In 2017, Glodom translated more than 100 million words in more than 80 different languages. The company is now also developing a new cloud-based translation service based on a world-class neural machine translation engine developed in China.

“This is really exciting for Crayfish,” adds Ting. “Soon clients will have the option to access an alternative to human translation – we will combine using the proprietary machine translation system from our partner with human proof-reading to ensure quality. Watch this space!”

 “Crayfish is a perfect partner for Glodom at the time when we are looking to expand our service coverage in the UK and European market,””, says Elisha Ding, the CEO of Glodom Group., “We look forward to working closely with Ting and her team at Crayfish”.

Businesses can post translation projects directly onto or get in touch by calling +44 1223 421966 and talk to the team today.

Image: Ting Zhang (centre) and Elisha Ding, the CEO of Glodom, meeting with Qing Wu (left), the Chairman of Shanghai Stock Exchange, during Ting’s recent trip to China.


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