Crayfish makes a splash at China Business Conference


Cambridge-based – the unique online platform dedicated to helping Western companies do business in China – made some valuable connections at last week's China Business Conference in London, organised by the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).

Founder and CEO Ting Zhang met the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming (pictured with her above), and Mark Field MP, UK Minister for Asia and the Pacific, as well as Chinese Minister Counsellors Jin Xu and Jiang Sunan. She sat on the panel for a discussion focused on Getting Goods into China and stressed the importance of effective communication, one of the issues which has been set up to address.

Crayfish stand at the conferenceShe commented: "Our team had a great day at the conference, with lots of interest received from delegates from all kinds of businesses, ranging from British mother-and-baby brands to industrial manufacturers; from China's telecom giants to railway logistics companies. They are interested in using our platform to find Chinese speakers for translation of brochures as well as digital marketing. Some are even keen to start Mandarin lessons!"

The forum, which celebrates and promotes trade between the UK and China, prompted many meaningful conversations, she added. "I look forward to following up with the enquiries and helping more SMEs to trade with China."


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