Virgin Hyperloop One: Creating the first major new mode of transport in more than a century

Imagine being able to travel from Dallas to Austin in 20 minutes. Or Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes. Virgin Hyperloop One is reinventing transport by developing the world’s first Hyperloop.

With speeds two to three times faster than high-speed rail and an on-demand experience, Hyperloop can reduce a 300 km commute to under 20 minutes — smashing today’s traditional transportation boundaries. A pod, which can carry cargo or passengers, moves through a tube built under- or over-ground. Magnetic levitation guides and lifts the pod, and vacuum pumps remove the air from the tube. It’s fully autonomous, all-electric, zero-emissions, and is cheaper to build than high-speed rail.

PA Consulting Group is helping Virgin Hyperloop One make the new system a reality. PA's systems engineering and enterprise architecture experts have been working on the plans for the complex software and traffic control systems that will be needed. With PA's support, Virgin Hyperloop One was able to accelerate delivering the software systems requirements required for Hyperloop by 30 per cent.

PA has also given Virgin Hyperloop One the expert support to devise and set out a robust road map for achieving their vision. That road map articulates the steps required along the journey to take this totally new technology and bring it to life.

As members of Virgin Hyperloop One’s Partner Advisory Board, PA is working closely with the company and other partners to get commercially operating Hyperloop up and running and ultimately change the way we live, work and travel.

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