UK government department signs multi-million dollar contract with Darktrace

Deploys Enterprise Immune System for AI Cyber Defense

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense, has today announced that one of the UK’s government departments has deployed Enterprise Immune System technology to help protect crucial public services and citizens’ data, signing a multi-million dollar contract with Darktrace.

The department joins a growing list of government organizations around the world that are harnessing AI to combat today’s stealthy and sophisticated cyber-threats, including the Scottish Government, City of Las Vegas and Livingston County in the US.

Powered by AI algorithms, the Enterprise Immune System works by learning the ‘pattern of life’ of each user and device across the entire digital infrastructure. Using this evolving understanding of ‘normal’, Darktrace spots emerging threats and autonomously responds to in-progress attacks before they do damage. Deployed over 5,000 times, Darktrace’s AI technology defends some of the world’s largest organizations, including their cloud and virtualized networks, IoT and critical infrastructure.

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